Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Caldwell College Service Learning Project ROCKS!

Poet Marcia Ivans played to a FULL HOUSE last month, thanks to Caldwell College students (l-r) Marina Vasilic, Kathleen Hastings, Brian Singer, Krista Ruggero and Diana Lopez, shown in this picture with Ms. Ivans. And, what better time than now - Thanksgiving! - to express our gratitude to Caldwell College, and Professor Mary Ann Miller, for allowing us to be part of this collaboration for the past three years. Talk about "win win"! And, as we shared with the students working with Ms. Ivans, as well as those working with poets Laura Freedgood and Jessica de Koninck, maybe they will consider a catering or bakery business on the side? What GREAT cookies and treats were provided for the reception! Forget about saving calories pre-holidays -- absolutely delish treats to accompany brilliant poetry in October and November.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday Shop Rite!

Did you see the fabulous Nic Corbett article in the Star Ledger this past Tuesday? Click here if you didn't.

At the right is one of the fabulous "Then" photographs shared with our community thanks to The Collerd Archives, which, when paired up with the "Nows" created thanks to Stephen's Eagle Scout project, will have many talking and walking down Bloomfield Avenue with a different view.

The exhibit is on display in The Gene and Kathryn Collerd Local History Resource Room, and make sure as you come in and enjoy the exhibit you refer to our "Gallery Guide" -- created by a number of us who worked on the archiving the Collerd Collection over the past three years. We hope you will add to the stories we have collected, and that you will most definitely join us on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. when Gene Collerd, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth join us to officially open our Local History Collection to the community.

We are so delighted to share with you "Then and Now" and cannot wait for you to see what other parts of our communities' history can be found right in your own library, in your own back yard.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Caldwell Public Library MUSEUM!

Halloween was a VERY busy day at the Caldwell Public Library as volunteers from the Caldwell Fire Department transported our October exhibit of "The Great Fires and Firefighters of Caldwell" to its permanent home on the walls of the Caldwell Fire House. And, an hour later, Eagle Scout Candidate Stephen Cristiano, with the assistance of fellow Scout Christopher White and Assistant Troop Leader Bruce White hung an exhibit a long time in the making: Bloomfield Avenue, Caldwell: Then and Now. My suggestion? Although it will be on display in The Gene and Kathryn Collerd Local History Resource Room from now until December 31, 2010 -- STOP what you are doing, and, check it out. The "Gallery Guides" accompanying the exhibit should be finished momentarily -- so set aside some time to step back in time, and remember, enjoy, appreciate. Thank you Gene. Thank you Stephen. What better way to celebrate 100 years of Scouting than this exhibit, this project?!